ray K (Ray Kincaid) born Feb 11, 1975 is a native of central Florida USA.  He grew affectionate for music of all forms very early in his childhood.  His introduction to the instrumental aspects of music began with piano, guitar and drum lessons.  Gravitating to the drums he played in theschool band and played kit in some small garage bands.  ray K has been recording music since the age of 8 beginning with a handheld tape recorder. He converted the family’s up stairs recreation room to somewhat of a recording studio by the age of 12 and helped his sister, (vocalist Trudy Kincaid) lay down some of her first demo tapes in the 1980’s.       
ray K’s first experience as a DJ began in Elementary school with a dual independent tape deck boom box; spending time in the Rap genre, circa 1987, he learned much about turntables rhythm machines looping, etc.  Throughout college, ray K began to fall in love with Jazz Fusion and began a tireless effort to archive The University of South Florida’s tremendous Jazz LP archive onto tape.  Though dance music was always a part of his listening, recording and playing; it wasn’t until the urging of an older girlfriend that he discovered club life and the fusion forms of House music that really clicked with his own tastes. Almost immediately he purchased 2 Turntables and began learning the Modern DJ craft. 
The past 12 years have seen countless ray K mix production CD’s, guest appearances on many Internet broadcasts including Lars Behrenroth’s Deeper Shades of house (Show 297), and 2B Continued Radio, Israel.  In the end of 2007 ray K launched the Rumor Podcast which explores all sorts of Groove oriented music with a heavy focus on the deep house sound.  In early 2011 ray K released “Back To The Groove” ray K’s first release in which all tracks were personally edited or remixed.  ray K’s latest projects include countless edits, remixes and original productions along with the carefully arranged mix compilations he is most well known for.  The end of 2011 saw the launch of DeepLoops.com; a site which will allow house music producers to purchase individual “foundation” loops for their tracks rather than having to purchase the more dodgy commercial sounding production content currently available.

  ray K in The Mix